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81 ScienceDaily: Ancient 'Monster' Insect: 'Unicorn' Fly Never Before Observed Chi 2671
82 ScienceDaily: Male Australian Redback Spiders Employ Courtship Strategies To Preserve Their Life Chi 3595
83 ScienceDaily: Spider Web Glue Spins Society Toward New Biobased Adhesives Chi 2991
84 National Geographic News: Largest Web-Spinning Spider Found Chi 2884
85 ScienceDaily: Scientists Discover Largest Orb-weaving Spider Chi 4765
86 ScienceDaily: Being A Standout Has Its Benefits, Study Shows Chi 3183
87 ScienceDaily: Tiny But Adaptable Wasp Brains Show Ability To Alter Their Architecture Chi 2833
88 National Geographic News: "Surreal" Vegetarian Spider Found Chi 2449
89 ScienceDaily: First Spider Known To Science That Feeds Mainly On Plant Food Chi 2559
90 Chi 2456
91 Commenting system added Chi 2425
92 ScienceDaily: Moths Cloaked In Color: Reexamining Parallel Evolution In Diurnal Neotropical Moths Chi 2135
93 Some info and lots of Arthropoda news Chi 2407
94 ScienceDaily: New Insect On Balearic Islands Chi 2203
95 ScienceDaily: Genetic Analysis Reveals Secrets Of Scorpion Venom Chi 2168
96 ScienceDaily: 'Ballooning' Spiders Grounded By Infection Chi 2005
97 ScienceDaily: Insects' Sex Scents Can Save Lives Chi 2155
98 ScienceDaily: Discoveries That Saved The Large Blue Butterfly Detailed Chi 2047
99 National Geographic News: Battling Termites? Just Add Sugar Chi 2236
100 ScienceDaily: Biologist Discovers Pink-winged Moth In Chiracahua Mountains Chi 2184
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