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61 ScienceDaily: First Case of Animals Making Their Own Essential Nutrients: Carotenoids Chi 2240
62 ScienceDaily: Kiss of Death: Research Targets Lethal Chagas' Disease Spread by Insect That Bites Lips Chi 2305
63 ScienceDaily: Lady Bugs to the Rescue in the Galapagos: Biocontrol of Insect Pest Is a Major Success, Entomologists Say Chi 3039
64 ScienceDaily: Project Fruit Fly: What Accounts for Insect Taste? Chi 2816
65 Quotation: Insects and evolution Chi 2688
66 Creepy crawly ancient cockroach ancestor Chi 2703
67 ScienceDaily: Where Did Insects Come From? New Study Establishes Relationships Among All Arthropods Chi 2559
68 ScienceDaily: Ladder-Walking Locusts Use Vision to Climb, Show Big Brains Aren't Always Best Chi 2921
69 ScienceDaily: Spider Web Glue Spins Society Toward New Biobased Adhesives Chi 2591
70 ScienceDaily: Why Some Insects Can Survive Freezing: Huge X-Ray Microscope Provides Clues Chi 2343
71 ScienceDaily: Scientists Isolate New Antifreeze Molecule in Alaska Beetle Chi 2416
72 ScienceDaily: Nearly 100 New Species Described by California Academy of Sciences in 2009 Chi 2502
73 WWF: The Copenhagen Deal Barometer Chi 3000
74 BBC: Huge UK cave spiders 'sent' home Chi 3032
75 ScienceDaily: How a Brain Hormone Controls Insect Metamorphosis Chi 3430
76 is voting for Earth! Chi 2967
77 ScienceDaily: Variable Temperatures Leave Insects With a Frosty Reception Chi 2881
78 ScienceDaily: Can Biodiversity Persist In The Face Of Climate Change? Chi 2739
79 Oldest spiderweb? Chi 2483
80 ScienceDaily: Nepotism Has Its Benefits When It Comes To Survival Chi 2685
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