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41 ScienceDaily: Unlike Us, Honeybees Naturally Make 'Quick Switch' in Their Biological Clocks, Researcher Finds Chi 2081
42 ScienceDaily: Risk of Beetle Outbreaks Rise, Along With Temperature, in the Warming West Chi 1915
43 NASA: NASA Satellites Reveal Surprising Connection Between Beetle Attacks, Wildfire Chi 1867
44 ScienceDaily: Anti-Aphrodisiac Protects Young Bedbugs Chi 1866
45 ScienceDaily: Is Organic Farming Good for Wildlife? It Depends on the Alternative... Chi 2240
46 ScienceDaily: Insect Brains Are Rich Stores of New Antibiotics Chi 2250
47 ScienceDaily: Six Times More Insect Species in Tropical Mountains Than Predicted Chi 2236
48 ScienceDaily: Ants Take on Goliath Role in Protecting Trees in the Savanna from Elephants Chi 2253
49 ScienceDaily: New Bee Species Discovered in Downtown Toronto Chi 2197
50 Nature: Altruism can be explained by natural selection Chi 2150
51 Nature: What does it mean to be an ant? Chi 1910
52 ScienceDaily: Unusual Rhino Beetle Behavior Discovered: Invasive Species Severely Impact Small Islands Chi 1847
53 ScienceDaily: Inbred Sperm Fertilize Fewer Eggs, Beetle Study Finds Chi 1903
54 ScienceDaily: World's Oldest Fig Wasp Fossil Proves That If It Works, Don't Change It Chi 2106
55 ScienceDaily: Cockroaches Share 'Recommendations' of Best Food Sources, Research Finds Chi 2484
56 ScienceDaily: Desperate Female Spiders Fight by Different Rules Chi 2366
57 ScienceDaily: Investigating How Spiders Spin Their Silk, Researchers Unravel a Key Step Chi 2581
58 ScienceDaily: As Monarch Butterflies Journey North, Gardeners Can Help Protect Species, Researcher Says Chi 3461
59 ScienceDaily: If Only a Robot Could Be More Like a Cockroach: Insect's Brain Fires out Commands to Walk and Run, Scientists Find Chi 2244
60 ScienceDaily: Male or Female? In Flies, Some Cells Can't Tell Chi 1964
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