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21 ScienceDaily: Identity Theft by Aphids: Research Points to a Need for Possible Reclassification of Aphid Species Chi 2225
22 ScienceDaily: Two New Species of 'Leaping' Beetles Discovered in New Caledonia Chi 2389
23 ScienceDaily: Ancient Insects Preferred Warmer Climates Chi 2134
24 BBC: First pictures of rare wetland spider in Cambridgeshire Chi 2323
25 NIMBioS: The Puzzle of Biological Diversity Chi 2120
26 ScienceDaily: Evolutionary Arms Race Between Plant-Eating Insects and Host Plants Illuminated Chi 1984
27 Nature: Plight of the bumblebee Chi 2042
28 PNAS: Neural activity associated with monitoring the oscillating threat value of a tarantula Chi 2417
29 The Story of Electronics Chi 2388
30 ScienceDaily: Insects Learn to Choose the Right Mate Chi 2258
31 ScienceDaily: Workers Hold Key to Power in Nature's Oldest Societies, Ant Study Shows Chi 2098
32 ScienceDaily: Dracula Orchids and Goblin Spiders Chi 2144
33 ScienceDaily: Raising Giant Insects to Unravel Ancient Oxygen Chi 1880
34 ScienceDaily: New Software Eases Analysis of Insect in Motion Chi 1752
35 ScienceDaily: Vast Amber Deposit from India: New Trove of Fossils Suggests Global Distribution of Tropical Forest Ecosystems in the Eocene Chi 1723
36 ScienceDaily: Tiny Brained Bees Solve a Complex Mathematical Problem Chi 1774
37 ScienceDaily: Using Fruit Flies to Help Understand Cancer Chi 2070
38 Euscorpius: A new case of duplication of the metasoma and telson in the scorpion Euscorpius flavicaudis (DeGeer, 1778) (Euscorpiidae) Chi 2106
39 ScienceDaily: Old Bees' Memory Fades; Mirrors Recall of Humans and Other Mammals Chi 2123
40 ScienceDaily: From Bees to Coral Reefs: Mutualisms Might Be More Important to Global Ecosystem Than Previously Thought Chi 2500
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