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141 Science Daily : Toxic Brown Recluse Spiders Pose Danger As They Look To Move In For The Winter Chi 2525
142 National Geographic News: European Butterflies Threatened by Climate Change Chi 2299
143 Science Daily: In The Animal World, Bigger Isn't Necessarily Better Chi 1781
144 Science Daily: Spider Love: Little Guys Get Lots More Chi 3099
145 Spiders in Space Chi 2438
146 National Geographic News: Tiny Radio Tags Offer Rare Glimpse into Bees' Universe Chi 2122
147 National Geographic News: Homosexual Beetle Activity Offers Reproductive Edge Chi 2079
148 National Geographic News: "Spider God" Temple Found in Peru Chi 2096
149 National Geographic News: Inland Ants Crave Salt, and Hurricanes May Help Chi 1901
150 National Geographic News: Vampire Moth Discovered - Evolution at Work Chi 1821
151 Mail Online: Introducing Chan's megastick: The record-breaking insect as long as your arm Chi 2087
152 BBC NEWS: Aliens flood into UK waters Chi 2303
153 The arachnids on the new Red List form IUCN Chi 5606
154 Science Daily: Female Spiders Eat Small Males When They Mate Chi 2474
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