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121 BBC: Ants inhabit 'world without sex' Chi 2603
122 National Geographic News: First Tool Users Were Sea Scorpions? Chi 2058
123 Science Daily: Untangling The Genetic Web With The Help Of Tarantulas Chi 1838
124 National Geographic News: Bugs Cuddle Up to Dead Comrades for Protection Chi 1720
125 Science Daily: Spiders, Frogs And Gecko Among Exciting Discoveries Found In Papua New Guinea Chi 1780
126 Science Daily: New Species Of Spiders Discovered In Papua New Guinea Chi 4587
127 National Geographic News: Woolly Bear Caterpillars Self-Medicate Chi 6757
128 CBS and CNN: Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again Chi 3429
129 National Geographic News: "Vampire" Skull Found in Italy Chi 2253
130 BBC News: World's 'oldest' spider web found Chi 2132
131 National Geographic News: "Torture" Phalluses Give Beetles Reproductive Edge Chi 2573
132 Darwin Day Chi 2103
133 National Geographic News: Beetles Are Thirsty for Sex Chi 1901
134 National Geographic News: New Swarm Theory: The Weak Can Lead the Strong Chi 1962
135 National Geographic News: Locust Swarms Switched On by Brain Chemical Chi 1976
136 Science Daily: Microscopic Morphology Adds To Scorpion Family Tree Chi 2264
137 National Geographic News: Ants Smell Cheaters and Assault Them, Study Finds Chi 2074
138 Chi 2080
139 BCC NEWS: Tangled web of spider evolution Chi 2204
140 Science Daily: Over 1,000 Species Discovered In The Greater Mekong In Past Decade Chi 2188
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