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101 BBC: Welcome to the spiderlab Chi 1844
102 National Geographic News: "Essence of Maggot" Ointment to Heal Wounds Faster? Chi 1943
103 ScienceDaily: Trading Energy For Safety, Bees Extend Legs To Stay Stable In Wind Chi 1949
104 ScienceDaily: Mosquito Evolution Spells Trouble For Galapagos Wildlife Chi 1959
105 ScienceDaily: When Hosts Go Extinct, What Happens To Their Parasites? Chi 1715
106 ScienceDaily: Temporary Infidelity May Contribute To Stability Of Ancient Relationships Chi 1688
107 BBC News: Did you know... Chi 1823
108 Note! Chi 1821
109 ScienceDaily: Is Poisonous Pollen Enough To Put Bees Off Their Dinner? Chi 1874
110 National Geographic News: Brain-Controlling Flies to Triumph Over Alien Ants? Chi 1926
111 ScienceDaily: Oldest Example Of Mutualism: Termites And Protozoa Discovered Together In Ancient Amber Chi 2009
112 ScienceDaily: How Bees Hold Onto Flowers: 'Velcro'-like Structures On Flower Petals Help Bees Stick Chi 1807
113 ScienceDaily: Communal Stomach Of An Ant Colony Chi 2017
114 ScienceDaily: Flight Of The Bumble Bee Is Based More On Brute Force Than Aerodynamic Efficiency Chi 1666
115 National Geographic News: Spiders Getting Bigger - Global Warming to Blame? Chi 1683
116 NewScientist: For super-tough spider silk, just add titanium Chi 1623
117 BBC News: Spider sex violent but effective Chi 1624
118 ScienceDaily: The Season Of Ticks: Could Climate Change Worsen Lyme Disease? Chi 1862
119 National Geographic News: Spider "Resurrections" Take Scientists by Surprise Chi 1767
120 National Geographic News: Modified Mosquitoes May Be Anti-Malaria Allies Chi 1914
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