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Index > Caresheets > Insect ~ Carausius morosu (Indian Stick-Insect)

Insect ~ Carausius morosu (Indian Stick-Insect)

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Scientific name:Carausius morosus
Pop name:Indian Stick-Insect
Origin:South India
Size:About 8cm
Temperature:Day: 20-25°C
Night: 18-20°C
Humidity:About 70%
Can be kept in groups:Yes
Activity:Takes it easy
Can be handled:Yes, but not to often. Lay your hand down, and let the insect climb up by it self, while you help it with your other hand. Adult Indian Stick-Insects can be lifted with a loosely grip around their stomach between the second and the third pair of legs. Don’t be afraid if it falls down like it’s dead when you touch it, this is only a part of this stick insects natural defence. I do not recommend handling of nymphs.
Food:Green plants. Like raspberry and blackberry leaves. But this is not a fastidious stick insect, try different things. But you must be sure that the plant is not treated with anything chemical as this can and will result in dead insects.
Breeding:It is almost impossible to not get any “babies” since it reproduce it self through both parthenogenesis (no need of a male) and sexual mating.
Terrarium:When the stick insects are small can they be held in things like small pet boxes and jam jars (with holes of curse). But as the insect grows it needs more space. An adult insect needs a terrarium on minimum 20x20x30cm (length – width – height). If you have more than one stick insect you will need bigger terrarium.
Substrate:Something that keeps on the humidity. I will recommend unfertilized peat. Like with the food it must not have been treated with anything chemical.
Other:This is a very easily kept insect. They are perfect animals for children helped by their parents. But they are not only dedicated to children they are also great for anyone else that have an interest for these fascinating insects.

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